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Mariouche Gagné is born in the First Nations village of Loretteville. Years later, her hometown becomes the manufacturing hub for a part of the Harricana collection, including moccasins, mittens and knits.

Mariouche plants approximately 200,000 trees before enrolling at the Lasalle College fashion design program.

Inspired by polar bears and Inuit legend, Mariouche designs a white coat that earns the top prize at the Jeunes créateurs de mode (Young Fashion Designers), hosted by Maison Cartier and Air France in Paris. Following her victory, she completes an internship at Printemps Haussmann.

The Fondation de la mode de Montréal supports Mariouche’s work with a $17,000 grant.

Mariouche undergoes training at Denmark’s Saga Furs of Scandinavia, the world’s top mink and fox provider.

While working on her Master’s Degree in design management at Milan’s Domus Academy, Mariouche participates in the Fur Council of Canada’s Fur Design Student Contest, entering a reversible ski outfit. Lacking some required materials, she uses her mother’s old fur coat to add the finishing touches. She wins the second prize - an experience she would repeat in 1997.

Recycled fur that becomes the basis of Mariouche’s creations at Harricana.

At Japan’s international Gifu Fashion Contest, the young designer represents Milan’s Domus Academy and makes into the finals.

At the age of 25, Mariouche creates a sizable collection of clothing from recycled fur. She single-handedly founds her company with funds that she acquires as the first-time recipient of the Fondation du Maire de Montréal grant.

Exports to Europe begin. Today, international sales make up half of Harricana’s revenue and include 18 countries such as Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Japan, Russia, Australia.

After 10 years of collecting silk fragments and recycling coat liners, Mariouche designs a summer collection for a new company, called On & On ecolo chic.

Mariouche visits Kuujjuaq in Nunavik, where the local Inuit women make clothing using traditional methods. Mariouche teaches them how to sew and repair sewing machines. The same year, she converts an old bank into the current boutique-workshop on Saint. Antoine Street, in Montreal.

Former Hermès workshop director Maxence Camille takes Mariouche’s designs to the next level.

Since 1994, Mariouche has recycled over 50,000 coats and turned them into new branded creations, adding up to nearly 400 metric tons of refurbished fur. It’s estimated that close to half a million animals’ lives were saved. 2010
The team of the Jean Charles de Castelbajac collection for Rossignol makes Harricana their official supplier of recycled fur, leading to a collection with an Ecoluxe touch.

Harricana hosts the official opening of the 20th Fashion Week of Montreal by creating a fashion show in the boat-spa Bota Bota in Montreal. The year was further marked by the integration of workshop-boutique into the Economuseum circuit - a circuit that allows museum visitors to explore the inner creative process of a fashion house.

Harricana presents its eco-collaboration with the prestigious skiwear designer Rossignol in Val d'Isère - a collection of fifteen pieces that reflect both the essence of the French company and the spirit of the Écoluxe brand in Quebec.

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