Cleaning and repair


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Cleaning services

Harricana offers specialized fur cleaning services. Just bring your coat to our workshop-boutique in Montreal and our consultants will make all the necessary arrangements. (Check our opening hours.)

With the cumulative experience of nearly twenty years of fur recycling, Harricana's expertise is well established. Our team is qualified to properly inform you about the maintenance of coats that are dear to you.

Cleaning your furs will restore their luster and flexibility and allow them to be your faithful allies for an even longer time!

How often should we get fur cleaned?

Fur should be cleaned once a year. While fur rarely looks dirty, an annual cleaning care would ensure to keep it soft and shiny longer.


Cleaning and Storage Services

Take advantage of putting your coat into storage (or out of storage) to request its cleaning. By offering both services under one roof, Harricana makes your life more simple!

> Check our Storage page.


Did you know? Fur is cleaned with wood chips.

This technique, which uses a specialized ventilation system, involves blowing wood chips on fur clothing. Blown wood chips insert themselves between hairs where they absorb the excess of natural oil and dislodge any other dirt. Cleaning should always be performed by a fur specialist.

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