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Making gifts for the whole family from Grandma's coat.

Thanks to the expertise of our craftsmen, it is possible to transform your own furs into Harricana accessories. A coat can become one of our handbags or a pair of leather gloves decorated with fur. The accessory of your choice will be handcrafted in our workshops, giving a new long life to your valuable furs.

The special order service is available seven days a week, no appointment needed.

Step 1. Choose your favourite model

Browse our catalog to discover the latest Mariouche creations and write down the number of the item you want. Over 500 models are available.

      > Browse our 2010-2011 catalog

Step 2. Find the perfect fur

Get out that history-packed coat or that century-old fur cloak that has been sleeping away in your wardrobe.


If you do not have proper fur, you can count on our large collection of recycled fur to get just the fur you want. You can order any Harricana item in custom fur and leather chosen directly in our inventory.


Step 3. Bring your fur to our workshop

Go to our boutique ( at 416, McGill Street) with your chosen fur to meet one of our counselors. The special order service is available every day without any appointment.

Step 4. Retrieve your unique creation

Our craftsmen will prepare your accessory within 6 to 10 weeks. A counselor will call you as soon as it is ready.

* If you want to get your accessory before winter, consider contacting us during summer! *


Preferential rate during off-season

Harricana offers a 5% discount for any special order placed between March 1st and August 31.


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