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Mariouche Harricana

Mariouche Gagné is proudly native and was born in the First Nations village of Loretteville. Years later, her hometown becomes the manufacturing hub for a part of the Harricana collection, including moccasins, mittens and knits.

Inspired by polar bears and Inuit legend, Mariouche designs a white coat that earns the top prize at the Jeunes créateurs de mode (Young Fashion Designers), hosted by Maison Cartier and Air France in Paris. Following her victory, she completes an internship at Printemps Haussmann.

Mariouche undergoes training at Denmark’s Saga Furs of Scandinavia, the world’s top mink and fox provider.

At Japan’s international Gifu Fashion Contest, the young designer represents Milan’s Domus Academy and makes into the finals.

At the age of 25, Mariouche creates a sizable collection of clothing from recycled fur. She single-handedly founds her company with funds that she acquires as the first-time recipient of the Fondation du Maire de Montréal grant.

Exports to Europe begin. Today, international sales make up half of Harricana’s revenue and include 18 countries such as Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Japan, Russia, Australia.

Former Hermès workshop director Maxence Camille takes Mariouche’s designs to the next level.

Since 1994, Mariouche has recycled over 50,000 coats and turned them into new branded creations, adding up to nearly 400 metric tons of refurbished fur. It’s estimated that close to half a million animals’ lives were saved.