A Mission Ingrained in our Fibres

Turning vintage fur coats into contemporary fashion accessories & more!


Animals Saved


Coats Upcycled

The Impacts of Upcycling

By recycling old furs, we have saved the lives of over 1,2 million animals since 1993. It has also enabled us to give a new life to more than 100,000 coats, jeans, silk scarves, cashmere scarves, ski sweaters and wedding gowns that were doomed to never be worn again if they had not been remodeled. Our gorgeous designer products are a proof that fashion can also be sustainable.


Our Process

Take part in our recycling mission with a pick from our unique recycled creations of well-established Montréal-born Harricana. Fur vests, hats, purses, slippers, gloves and other furry soft accessoires all have a point in common: they give an entirely new life to fur coats passed down from generation to generation! What's more, we've incorporated a line of accessories that incorporate upcycled jeans, tweed, silk and ski sweaters.


Committed to giving a second life to your noble fashion pieces.

More upcycled products available on location in Montreal