Our flagship store on Montréal’s trendy Wellington Street showcases locally designed and handcrafted hats, clothes and accessories as well as exclusive outdoor Canadian and European sports apparel for men, women and children.

Who We Are

Step into our special workshop universe and witness our fashion designers and artisans as they cut and sew preowned fur and recycled fabrics to create unique upcycled marvels while our skilled hatmakers activate traditional hat presses to mould outstanding handcrafted hats.

Our Team

Talented and expert fashion designers, milliners, sewers, salespeople and marketing specialists converge to our Atelier-Boutique to bring you the most impressive lines of handcrafted and locally designed hats, apparel and accessories.

Our Services


Find the perfect hat within one of the most impressive selections of elegant and functional headwear in the country made by Canadian Hat 1918 millinery. You'll feel great taking part in our recycling mission with a pick from our unique recycled creations of well-established Montréal-born Harricana. Visit our Canadian and European sports apparel section with top-of-the-line brands such as Swix, Luhta, Reima, NVO, Colmar, Joua & Compagnie, and more! Our expert sales staff will help you find the perfect hat to complete your look.

Fabric Exchange, Fur Remodeling and Transformation

Preserving Canadian fur heritage is the main mission of the Harricana brand. We have been repurposing fur coats for over 30 year to divert them from landfills and save thousands of animals in doing so. We've also introduced other recycled materials in our creations. You’d rather give your vintage fur coat a contemporary look to allow it to transcend generations? Our designers will take good care of you.