Barter & Exchange

How to proceed

If you wish to exchange your fur coat for Harricana gift certificate, first make sure to read all the information below. Then, bring your fur coat to our boutique Mon-Fri between 10 A.M.to4 P.M. We only accept fur coats from April 1st to September 31.

Terms of the exchange

  1. We measure your coat in order to determine the quantity of reusable square feet.
  2. The value per square feet can range from 8$ to 44$ depending on the type of fur.
  3. You will receive the double of your coat's reusable value in gift certificate.


    • Only valid at Harricana's boutique.
    • Redeem on regular price products only.
    • Valid for a period of one year after the date of issue.
    • Only valid on Harricana product and not services such as special orders.

    Items Accepted for Exchange

    •  Fur coats
    • Large sleeveless fur vests

    Items Only Accepted as Donation

    • Collets en fourrure
    • Fur hats
    • Fur stoles
    • Small fur accessories
    • Coats made of sheep
    • Leather coats and accessories